Lookout for Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2007 in Hostingcon 2008?

Its Hostingcon time again. HostingCon is world’s largest event for hosted services professionals. HostingCon 2008 will be help at Navy Pier in Chicago.


Exchange hosting Service providers will eagerly look for this event,  as it helps them connect with many people in the industry, meeting with new people and exchanging business ideas and showcasing what they offer to customers. I was talking to Mr. Alon Cohen, Marketing manager in GroupSpark about this event and what their customers to look for in the event. He says,

“HostingCon is the most important Software as a Service (SaaS) related hosting event for us to participate in each year.  We always look forward to taking part in the sessions and meeting with other industry-leading hosting providers to help shape the future of the hosting industry.  We also exhibit at HostingCon which enables us to talk to attendees about our Private Label Exchange service and how they can grow their SaaS offerings under their own brand and dramatically increase their monthly average revenue per user.  This allows us to expand our groupSPARK reseller channel and enables resellers to offer enterprise-class hosted services such as hosted Microsoft Exchange Server, Windows SharePoint Services and Dynamics CRM to their customers.  We expect that interest in HostingCon and knowledge of hosted software services will dramatically increase this year with the additional press generated recently about the availability of new SaaS solutions.”

So look for Exchange hosting companies and most importantly understand what they have to offer in Hosted Microsoft Exchange 2007. In general, you will use Microsoft Outlook to manage your calendar, contacts, tasks, and emails. Since you are connected to Exchange Server in the hosting provider, everything in the outlook follows you.

With Windows mobile device or Blackberry, these data are available on the road. iPhone is yet to release the Activesync version, hope to see this in few months time. In most cases, a free copy of Microsoft Outlook is offered to per mailbox you buy. I am not sure about the price, but generally it starts from $9 per month for a mailbox. Price varies for different providers or if you add more functionality to the mailbox.

Now Outlook Web Access gives you extended access to your inbox in the event you do not have access to your own PC or your mobile device, provided the pc is connected to internet and preferably comes with IE browser recent versions. Hosted services on dedicated and shared servers have lots of difference in performance and prices. So leave this to your decision.

Nothing is concluded without Antispam & Antivirus services offered by them…Hope you have a great time in Hostingcon; unfortunately I am not able to make it this time. But surely on next year Hostingcon…

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