Major new release of AuditorSuite from Lepide

Noida, UP September 24, 2015, Lepide Software today announced a major new release with v15.2 of their AuditorSuite. This fully loaded suite has enjoyed a complete facelift with a sleek new GUI akin to that of Windows 8. Aside from the cosmetic improvements, 15.2 also welcomes notable enhancements to the performance across both agent and agentless deployments. This suite also now ships with a web based element to enable IT teams to provide role based console access to help maintain security and control amongst those with fewer privileges.  15.2 also follows this theme of security and continuity improvements with the introduction of encryption of the logs and the ability to select alternative backup locations for the logs. Building on the current ambitions to create a fully mobile version of Lepide AuditorSuite a sleek new iPhone App has been also been introduced in this new release. Last but not least, 15.2 brings significant updates to the Lepide’ HealthCheck’  feature which now provides more user friendly graphs and charts to show resource utilization information such as CPU and memory usage on selected parts of the IT environment. It also allows IT teams much more flexibility as to what they wish to monitor in much more intuitive fashion than before. All in all, this release represents a real milestone in Lepide’s commitment to making the lives of the IT team just that little bit easier.

“Everything we do, we do to make the lives of the IT Manager easier. We empower IT teams by keeping them in the know at all times with regards to changes being made across their most critical IT systems. Through our proactive alerting and reporting capabilities we allow IT teams to instantly see who, what, where and when changes are made”, said Rupesh Kumar, Managing Director of Lepide Software.

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Lepide Software is a leading provider of auditing, monitoring, and migration solutions. The company offers state-of-the-art products in the following solution areas: network administration, network/server auditing, Exchange and SharePoint server migration, cloud/Office 365 migration, online live chat, and data recovery. It also offers end-to-end migration service in Exchange to Exchange and Exchange to Office 365/Cloud deployments. It has one million+ happy customers with presence in around 196 countries. To know more visit,

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