Majority of US Workers Prefer Separate Phone Numbers For Work and Personal Use

tyntec research finds the use of personal mobile devices for work is the new norm, but 74% of US workers prefer separate phone numbers for work and personal use. tyntec is a telecom-web convergence company that connects the immediacy and convenience of telecom with the power of the Internet.

The following key insights were identified by tyntec’s survey:

The majority of employees across the US (61%), UK (43%) and Spain (69%) claim to use their personal mobile phone for work-related tasks. For those employees performing about 50% of work-related tasks on a mobile phone, nearly half of respondents show a strong preference for using one device with two separate phone numbers – for work and personal – to switch between during the course of the work day. In US workplaces, the most frequently used function on a mobile device is accessing email (37%).  Whereas, in the UK (38%) and in Spain (51%) voice is the most regularly used function.

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