Malware Removal Starter Kit

image “Every day, adversaries attempt to invade your networks and infect your systems with viruses, spyware and other malware. All too often, these attacks succeed, and frequently without you knowing about it. In other cases, employees can open the door to malware by visiting infected Web sites, opening e-mail attachments, or running macros that contain viruses.

Once inside a computer, a malware outbreak can spread with alarming speed via company networks to compromise or destroy mission-critical data or personal information, and leave vital infrastructure open to new attacks. Some of the stealthiest malware even allows intruders to secretly conduct their nefarious business over long periods-using your computers!

After you have been exposed to malware, and have not been able to restore infected computers, what should you do? Is there a way to fix the problem without completely rebuilding the computers from scratch?

The Malware Removal Starter Kit, a Solution Accelerator from Microsoft, provides tested guidance to help IT Generalists combat malware attacks against small- and medium-sized organizations. Using the Windows Preinstallation Environment (Windows PE) in combination with free anti-malware programs, the kit provides you with a low-cost, effective strategy and tool recommendations that you can use to vanquish malware attacks…”

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