Online Webinar

Wednesday, November 12, 2020 at 1PM EDT

Cyber Crime in the Age of COVID

-- TechGenix Informational Webinar Sponsored By Malwarebytes

It would be an understatement to say that 2020 came with unexpected challenges. For workers across the globe, moving out of the office and into their homes brought with it challenges and shifts in their day-to-day operations and at the same time, cyber criminals have changed the way they operate to pursue the new, moving targets.  


Join experienced cybersecurity expert and strategy data protection architect, Ricky Magalhaes and Adam Kujawa, Director at Malwarebytes Labs, to discover how the threat landscape has changed in the tactics, efforts and firepower now being targeted at organizations like yours, as well as predictions for what the rest of 2020 and 2021 will look like. During this informative webinar, our experts will discuss:


- How systems are now being compromised in the Cloud.

- How working from home has changed the threats.

- The impact of mobile devices on changing infection vectors.

- What you need to protect your business in this new landscape


You will also be able to ask your top questions relating to ransomware and other cyber threats that can impact your organization. Register here now and don't miss this important opportunity to learn how to ensure your organization is protected from Cyber Crime in the age of COVID.


Ricky Magalhaes

Ricky Magalhaes is a respected international technologist, entrepreneur and cyber-security expert. As a technology evangelist and strategist for more than 20+ years, he works with the world’s leading brands and has trained government intelligence agencies and a myriad of other related governmental agencies on various information security disciplines, Ricky also speaks at national and international embassies, conferences on behalf of cyber software vendors.


Adam Kujawa

Adam Kujawa is a Director at Malwarebytes Labs, with 15 years of experience fighting malware behind the scenes and on the front lines. Adam has analyzed APT/state-sponsored threats, as well as threats to government and private industry. Adam has also developed technical courses on topics from basic malware analysis to malware evolution and threat intelligence. He is a frequent conference speaker and has had articles published in SC Magazine, TechCrunch, and other notable tech publications and is frequently quoted on computer security matters by news organizations.


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