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Our industry is continuously evolving; this is why it is essential for us to follow the trend and act accordingly. Every new event or discussion represents a valuable resource for ideas and propositions when it comes to packaging new services into our solutions to better serve our customer’s needs.

A large number of System Integrators and Managed Service Providers are using GSX Solutions’ remote monitoring applications to build a portfolio of services that generate additional revenue around Office 365, Exchange, Lync and SharePoint.

Fully agentless, GSX Monitor & Analyzer acts as a Robot User, sitting on a Virtual Machine or any laptop to automatically discover, display, troubleshoot and report on the health of customer’s environment by using applications as an administrator would.

In our day-to-day relationship with our partners, we observed that the key value proposition of GSX Solutions towards their customers is the following:

  • Ease the transition to a new platform, such as Exchange 2013 or Office 365
  • Reduce fear around service availability and performance in Hybrid environments
  • Help prove the quality of the service to the Business Line thanks to our solution 
  • Give accurate metrics and proof of the performance and quality of services to each business line – thus, increasing end-user satisfaction
  • Optimize and decrease costs on your infrastructure and management
  • Maximize ROI of the Exchange infrastructure, reports for consolidation, optimization, health checks, etc.
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Our partners can therefore offer custom managed services, generate recurring revenue and differentiate their offer regarding the market competition.

We are always looking for new GSX Solutions Microsoft partners which gives us the opportunity to grow our network and expand our knowledge. It is important to constantly stay up to date with what’s going on in the Microsoft Partner Community and learn about the latest needs of our Partners and end-customers.

In order to achieve our goal, we are excited to attend two major events in the next few weeks:

  • Microsoft Deutsche Partnerkonferenz (DPK) in Germany (Sept 30 – Oct 1st) Did you know that last year there was already more than 38,000 Microsoft partners in Germany? We will attend this event with our Alliance partner GWAVA.
  • MSP World in Las Vegas, United States (Oct 15-17)

Should you like to attend either event, please let us know, as we would be glad to schedule a time and meet up with you on-site!


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