Managed Availability Failed by Design Error

If you navigate to the Exchange’s ProbeResult Crimson Channel of ActiveMonitoring, you will likely find the following error event logged:



EventID:      2
Channel:      Microsoft-Exchange-ActiveMonitoring/ProbeResult
ResultId:     479968430
ServiceName:  Monitoring
ResultName:   HealthManagerHeartbeatProbe
Error:        Failed by design.
Exception:    System.Exception: Failed by design. at Microsoft.Office.Datacenter.ActiveMonitoring.TestActiveMonitoringProbe.DoWork(CancellationToken cancellationToken) at Microsoft.Office.Datacenter.WorkerTaskFramework.WorkItem.Execute(CancellationToken joinedToken) at Microsoft.Office.Datacenter.WorkerTaskFramework.WorkItem.<>c__DisplayClass2.<StartExecuting>b__0() at System.Threading.Tasks.Task.Execute()

So why is something failing by design?! Basically this probe is testing the Managed Availability framework, including that it can run responders. More specifically, a probe that will test that monitors can become unhealthy and execute null responders.

Bottom line, nothing to worry about   🙂

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