Managing a Server Core print server

You manage a Server Core print server using Rundll32.exe and the printer admin VBscript scripts available in Windows Server 2008. Here are a few examples of what you can do:

Configure the print server properties using the rundll32 PrintUI.dll,PrintUIEntry /s command which displays the print server properties sheet.

Install a printer using the rundll32 PrintUI.dll,PrintUIEntry /il command which launches the Add Printer wizard.

List all printers installed on the print server using the cscript prnmngr.vbs -l -s servername command.

Configure the properties of a particular printer managed by the print server by typing rundll32 PrintUI.dll,PrintUIEntry /p /n\\servername\printername at the command prompt. For example, if your printer is named SamsungML and your print server is named SEA-SC1, type rundll32 PrintUI.dll,PrintUIEntry /p /n\\SEA-SC1\SamsungML to display the Properties sheet for the printer.

For more information on how to do all these things, see my book Windows Server 2008 Server Core Administrator's Pocket Consultant from Microsoft Press.


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