Managing Windows Explorer Folder Options

You need to consider the Folder options of Explorer to control the way folders
work and files display.

  • Right-click Start
  • Click Explore
  • Click Tools menu item
  • Click Folder Options

General Tab

  • Tasks
    Default is to Show common tasks in
    . This divides folder window into a task and folder pane. The task
    pane give access to File and Folder Tasks, Other Places, and Details.

    Recommendation: Select Use Windows classic folders
    and get a lot of space back.

  • Browse Folders
    Default is to Open each folder in the
    same window
    . Leave it as is. You don’t want dozens or hundreds of windows
    opened up. If you want a particular folder to open in its own window, hold down
    Ctrl while double-clicking the
    folder you want opened in a new window.

  • Click items as follows
    Default is Double-click to open
    an item (single-click to select)
    You can choose whether to require a
    double or single click to open files and folders.

View Tab

  • Folder Views
    The Apply to All Folders button
    will apply the View options specified in the folder from which you chose Folder Options to All Folders. Good
    choice if you want one standard but not if you want different options for some

  • Advanced Settings
    Some of the defaults are defined to protect you
    against yourself. Consider implications and definitely experiment with these
    settings. Puzzled about meaning of a setting : right-click the setting and pick
    What’s This. Actually What’s
    works in most of Windows.

    • Remember each folder’s View settings : if you want
      different settings for certain folders
    • Display the contents of System Folders: option for
    • Show hidden files and folders : option for admins
      and techies
    • Show Control Panel in My Computer : maybe
    • Use simple file sharing (Recommended) : not if you
      are used to classic file sharing
    • Hide extensions for known file types : not for me
    • Display the full path in the Title bar

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