Managing Windows Images

If you run an large Windows network, you probably use disk imaging for desktop deployment. And you’ve likely had headaches from the chore of managing dozens of different images because of hardware differences and other issues.

If this is you, I want to point you towards a product that is better than aspirin (or tylenol) in its ability to soothe your headaches. The product is called Universal Image Utility (UIU) and it’s available from Big Bang LLC, a software training company. This utility lets you build a single master image that supports multiple HALs and includes a huge (and regularly updated) database of device drivers, and the result is that when you use a disk imaging program like Ghost to deploy your image, Windows PnP is virtually guaranteed to correctly detect your hardware and install successfully.

Great product, and definitely worth a look if you work in the enterprise.

Mitch Tulloch
MVP Windows Server

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