Marathon Technologies Launches Worlds First Fault-Tolerant, High Availability Software for Server Virtualization

Littleton, Mass. — March 24, 2008 — Marathon Technologies Corporation announced everRun VM, the world’s first fault-tolerant, high availability software for server virtualization. Based on the same everRun® automated availability software employed by over 1800 organizations, everRun VM prevents outages and data loss in Citrix XenServer virtual infrastructures. The significance of this new software for the IT industry is threefold:

  1. Companies can now reliably run high value production applications in virtual machines, gaining the benefits of virtualization across a much broader range of applications
  2. It will now be practical to make high availability and DR a standard part of the IT infrastructure for midsize and larger companies
  3. A key component is in place to accelerate the next wave of server virtualization adoption

Enabling Virtualization of Production Applications 

To date, companies that have deployed virtualization have not migrated many of their highest value, business critical applications to virtual servers. This is due to a variety of reasons, primarily performance concerns and a lack of true high availability. everRun VM delivers reliable protection for virtual workloads by providing redundant virtual machines and synchronized mirroring of the whole system. The integration of XenServer’s superior “bare-metal” performance and everRun VM’s unique architecture gives IT professionals the confidence to virtualize business critical and other production applications. “Marathon has a superb software product that is seamlessly integrated with XenServer. The combination allows companies to virtualize a range of applications that they wouldn’t even consider previously,” said Peter Levine, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Citrix Virtualization and Management Division. 

Making Availability Mainstream 

Availability solutions have remained a niche application because they are complex and expensive. Through tight integration with Citrix XenServer, everRun VM breaks through the availability bottleneck by providing:

  • Completely Automated VM Availability – everRun VM automates VM availability setup and configuration – usually deployed in thirty minutes or less. It also automates fault and policy management – it literally maintains itself.
  • Flexibility to Dial-in Availability by Virtual Machine – everRun VM lets IT administrators select the availability protection for each virtual machine (VM) so they can match the right availability level for each application running in a VM. The end result – optimal availability price/performance because companies only pay for the protection they need.
  • Application Independence – everRun VM supports all Windows applications without any modifications.

everRun VM removes the burden of availability for IT professionals and makes automated HA and DR practical for midsized companies. 

“Based on our research, high availability solutions, including clustering software and proprietary hardware, have never exceeded 20 percent deployment rates,” said John Humphreys, Program Vice President, Virtualization Software for IDC. “The reason: they are too complex to setup and too complex to manage. The combination of easy to use virtualization and availability software could bring availability to the masses.” 

Accelerating Adoption of Server Virtualization 

According to industry analysts, server virtualization has achieved a less than 10 percent deployment rate on x86 servers to date. everRun VM can help accelerate the adoption of server virtualization by allowing:

  • Enterprises to deploy virtualization across a much broader range of applications
  • Midsize companies to use virtualization as a tool for automated availability and DR

“everRun VM presents a dramatically more reliable approach to virtual server availability through selectable, automated, FT-class availability,” said Gary Phillips, president and CEO of Marathon Technologies.  everRun VM is the first in a line of virtualization availability and DR products from Marathon that are so simple, transparent and cost-effective that every application can be protected.” 

everRun VM is currently in beta. General availability is scheduled for April. 

About Marathon Technologies
With over 1800 global customers, Marathon is the world’s first and only provider of fault-tolerant, automated, high availability and disaster recovery software for physical and virtual servers. Marathon’s everRun® software prevents outages and data loss – without IT intervention. Organizations using everRun achieve uninterrupted availability, 100% data protection, and rapid recovery – all through “one-click” operation. The company won a “Best of VMworld 2007 – New Technology” award for bringing fault tolerant availability to virtual servers. recently named Marathon Technologies one of “10 Virtualization Vendors to Watch in 2008.” For more information visit


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