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Bank Closings + Mobile Malware = Bad Combination, is the editor’s corner title for May’s newsletter. The author discusses the risks as a result of the ever-growing online banking services in combination with the ever-growing malware on mobile devices!

Did the Cloud Kill the TMG Firewall?Guessing why Microsoft has decided to discontinue its premiere security product. The newsletter guess is that one of the big reasons for the decision was due to the company’s new focus on cloud computing.

The author’s thoughts on newsletter for the month of May are about backup and recovery in virtual environments.

Exchange Hybrids with multiple SMTP Domains – May’s newsletter deals with the new feature you get when configuring Exchange 2013 CU1 based hybrid deployment between your on-premises Exchange organization and the new Exchange Online part of the Office 365 multi-tenant offering.

Windows Server 2012 Essentials: “Real Deal” or Rip Off? – the author on newsletter asks whether Essentials was the best idea since sliced bread, a slap in the face to small business customers, or something in between?

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