Microsoft 365

Manage Microsoft 365 and SharePoint with CLI for Microsoft 365

CLI for Microsoft 365 is a cross-platform tool that helps you manage and tweak Microsoft and SharePoint configurations no matter…

3 days ago

Stale Microsoft 365 accounts are a security risk: Remove them now

Old accounts have always been a problem for IT admins, but the mad dash to Microsoft 365 — along with…

2 weeks ago

Branding Microsoft 365: Why it matters and why you should do it

Microsoft 365 has a branding feature that many companies don’t use. But it is more than a vanity feature —…

2 weeks ago

Note-taking apps and Microsoft 365 — sync or sink

Note-taking apps are great alternatives when you can’t fire up the desktop version of Microsoft 365. But make sure your…

1 month ago

Microsoft announces price increases for Microsoft 365

Business users will have to pay more to use Microsoft 365 starting next year. Here’s what you need to know…

1 month ago

How to add large numbers of user accounts to Microsoft 365

Adding a user or two to Microsoft 365? Use the built-in wizard. But what if you need to add a…

2 months ago

Using Clutter to unclutter your Microsoft 365 Outlook inbox

If you have too much clutter in your Outlook inbox, you need Clutter. This confusingly named feature from Microsoft can…

2 months ago

How to use Microsoft Graph to connect all the data in Microsoft 365

Microsoft Graph converts disparate information throughout Microsoft 365 into correlated data that can be queried, visualized, and acted upon.

2 months ago

Windows 365: Microsoft brings the operating system to the ‘Cloud PC’

Software-as-a-service has been very profitable for Microsoft. So, it’s no surprise Windows 365 — the “Cloud PC” — will be…

2 months ago

Managing SharePoint from the Microsoft 365 admin center

When you make the move to Microsoft 365, there are some changes in how you manage SharePoint. But in this…

2 months ago