Microsoft Advisory Services Engagements

Did you know that you can get Microsoft Customer Support services to help you out with some key installation and deployment scenarios with the TMG firewall?

This is a great service recently announced by the TMG firewall team. Here’s how they describe the service:

“Microsoft Advisory Services is an hourly fee-based, consultative support option that provides proactive support beyond your break-fix product maintenance needs. This is a remote, phone-based support option that includes working with the same technician for assistance with issues like product migration, code review, or new program development. This service is typically used for shorter engagements, and is designed for developers and IT professionals who do not require the traditional onsite consulting or sustained account management services that are available from other Microsoft support options. This article also provides some self-help resources for this scenario.
For additional information on Microsoft Advisory Services, including on how to engage, refer to this Microsoft web page:

Yuri Diogenes provides more details on this helpful new service over at:



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