Microsoft AI tools aimed at ‘every developer and every organization on the planet’

Microsoft just announced a new set of artificial intelligence tools aimed at bringing AI to “every developer and organization on the planet.” This latest wave of announcements includes innovations that span a few different areas. Here’s a rundown of the new Microsoft AI tools and what they could mean for your organization.

Microsoft AI tools: Azure Machine Learning

The first announcement deals with upgrades to Azure Machine Learning (AML). Microsoft announced a set of powerful new capabilities, including AML Workbench, a cross-platform client for AI-powered data wrangling and experiment management; AML Experimentation, a service that helps data scientists increase experimentation rates through the use of big data and GPUs; and AML Model Management, a service that lets you host, manage, version, and monitor machine learning models.

Visual Studio tools for AI

Visual Studio Code Tools for AI

In addition, Microsoft’s first AI editor integration is now available with the release of the Visual Studio Code Tools for AI. The extension provides a set of capabilities that lets users easily build models and deep learning frameworks. This includes things like Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit, Google TensorFlow, Theano, Keras, Chainer, and Caffe2. It integrates with the AML Experimentation service to let you execute jobs locally and in the cloud, and with the AML Model Management service for model deployment.

Cognitive Services

Among the Microsoft AI tools there are two new updates within Microsoft Cognitive Services, including cloud hosted APIs that let users easily add AI capabilities into applications and across devices and platforms. More specifically, the Text Analytics cognitive service is now generally available, providing advanced natural language processing over raw text. And Bing Custom Search will also become generally available this month, letting developers create web search engines without code.

Enterprise AI solutions

Microsoft also announced the expansion of its Microsoft Dynamics 365 program, which means adding new AI solutions that could transform critical enterprise scenarios to help those users reinvent their most-used processes.

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