Microsoft All-In-One Script Framework

Microsoft recently announced the All-In-One Script Framework.

All-In-One Script Framework is an automation script sample library for IT Professionals.  The key value that All-In-One Script Framework is trying to deliver is Scenario-Focused Script Samples driven by IT Pros’ real-world pains and needs.  The team is monitoring all TechNet forums, IT Pros’ support calls to Microsoft, and will start to monitor the script requests submitted to TechNet Script Repository soon. We collect frequently asked IT scenarios, and create script samples to automate the tasks and save some time for IT Pros. Samples will illustrate the frequently asked IT scripting scenarios of Microsoft products (Windows Server, Windows Client, SQL Server, Exchange, O365, SharePoint, Lync, Dynamics, IIS, etc) through scripting languages such as PowerShell, VBScript and T-SQL.  The team of All-In-One Script Framework sincerely hope that these customer-driven automation script samples can help our IT community in this script-centric move. 

A quick search for “Exchange” revealed, at the time of this post, 16 scripts.

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