Microsoft Annouces Windows Azure Infrastructure Services

Microsoft is entering the hypbrid cloud space by making Azure Infrastructure Services available to the public.  With Azure Infrastructure Services, you can connect your on-premise enterprise environment with Microsoft public cloud (Azure) to spin up virtual machines, SQL instances, SharePoint instances, development instances and more.  All while keeping everything tied together with your existing Active Directory infrastructure.

Connect Hybrid Infrastructure Services with a Single Identity Build hybrid services that take advantage of what you already have while enabling new innovation in the cloud. Bring your existing identities to apps running in Virtual Machines by simply connecting to your on-premises Active Directory.

Running Office 365? Simply run Active Directory Federation services in Virtual Machines to sync with on-premises identities for single sign on.

Spin up SharePoint farms in minutes without major capital investments. Integrate full trust code to run rich apps and business logic, and provide internet facing collaboration sites on SharePoint that scale with your business needs.


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