Microsoft announces security features for Azure SQL Database

Security features for Azure SQL Database include:

  • Always Encrypted helps you protect sensitive data without having to relinquish the encryption keys to Azure SQL Database. Data remains encrypted at all times – in transit, in memory, on disk and even during query processing.
  • Transparent Data Encryption helps you meet compliance requirements by encrypting your databases, associated backups, and transaction log files at rest without requiring changes to your applications.
  • Azure AD authentication provides an alternative to SQL Authentication. It simplifies password management by allowing you to connect to a number of Azure services including Azure SQL Database using the same identity.
  • Row-Level Security allows access to rows of data based on a user’s identity, role memberships, or query execution context.
  • Dynamic Data Masking lets you define masking patterns on database columns to limit the exposure of sensitive data.
  • Threat detection complements Azure SQL Database Auditing and alerts on suspicious database activities at the database or logical server level.

Read MS Corporate Vice President for Data Platform, Cloud + Enterprise blog post here –

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