Microsoft Workplace Analytics now generally available for Office 365

Microsoft Workplace Analytics is a powerful new organizational analytics solution that is now generally available as an add-on to any Office 365 enterprise plan. The company just announced the new insights tool and explained some of the benefits it could have for businesses and organizations.

The main purpose of Workplace Analytics is to give you data about how your organization collaborates and spends time. To accomplish this, the tool taps into Office 365 email and calendar metadata. Here are some of the specific ways your organization might be able to use Workplace Analytics.

Sales productivity

Microsoft Workplace Analytics

You can use Workplace Analytics to discover the habits of your most successful sales representatives and then scale those behaviors to your sales team as a whole. For instance, you might notice that those who make the most sales tend to quickly ask questions internally via email so they can get back to prospects in a timely manner. So you can set up a system to encourage your whole sales staff to get customer questions answered as soon as they come up.

Manager effectiveness

You can also use Workplace Analytics to measure how your management staff spends its time. For example, you might notice that your most effective managers spend a certain about of time communicating one-on-one with team members. Then you can create policies to encourage the rest of your team to do the same.

Customized queries

And those aren’t the only benefits you can gain from using Workplace Analytics. The program allows you to create your own custom queries so you can identify the data and trends that are most relevant to your organization at the moment. You can choose from a unique set of collaboration metrics including time spent on email, time in meetings, network size, and more. Then you can filter by factors like regions, roles, and functions.

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