Microsoft App-V FAQ Series

Aaron Parker has created a nice series on Frequently Asked Questions about Microsoft App-V. This is a very informative series covering common questions about App-V as well as some questions you might have not even thought about asking. Some of the FAQs from the series include the following:

  • How do I create a silent installation for the App-V Client?
  • What are the dependencies of the App-V Client?
  • Does App-V allow me to run applications on Linux of Mac OS X?
  • Can App-V be used to run 16-bit applications on Windows x64?
  • Can I use Application Compatibility Shims with App-V?
  • What are the system requirements for App-V?
  • What are the current versions of App-V?
  • How is App-V licensed?
  • What is Microsoft Application Virtualization?
  • What is Application Virtualization?

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