New possibilities for hybrid cloud environments: Microsoft Azure Stack is ready to order

Microsoft Azure Stack is now ready to order, the company announced. The offering, which was previously in technical previews, is an extension of Azure. And it comes with some unique features and abilities that could unlock new possibilities for hybrid cloud environments. Here’s more from Microsoft about the new offering.

What does Azure Stack provide?

Microsoft Azure Stack dashboard

Microsoft Azure Stack is an extension of Azure that enables a consistent hybrid cloud platform. This means you can maximize your investments across cloud and on-premises environments with consistency. With the ability to run consistent Azure services on-premises, you have the full flexibility to decide where all applications and workloads should reside.

Azure Stack includes a core set of Azure services, DevOps tooling, and Azure Marketplace content. It also includes hybrid-use cases that can allow you to innovate new customer facing and internal business applications. And with the ecosystem solutions available across Azure and Azure Stack, you can speed up your initiatives even more.

What are the deployment options for Azure Stack?

There are two different options for working with Azure Stack. The first is Azure Stack integrated systems. These are multiserver systems meant for production use and can allow you to get up and running quickly. You can use integrated systems from Dell EMC, HPE, and Lenovo now. And versions for Cisco and Huawei will be available in the future. There are pay-as-you-use and capacity-based pricing models available for these solutions.

There’s also the Azure Stack Development Kit (ASDK) , which is a free single-server deployment that’s designed more for trial and proof-of-concept purposes. This version is available via web download.

Microsoft has also stated that Azure Stack will deliver frequent updates following the initial release, so users can expect continuous innovation and new features and abilities through these regular updates.

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