Microsoft Exchange: Adapting for the Times

Microsoft Exchange: Adapting for the Times is a free technical whitepaper available to download from the InfoWorld site.

“Once a fairly routine decision, determining an enterprise e-mail strategy has grown in complexity over the last year or so. For one, Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 is now in the offing, and many enterprise IT executives must weigh a transition decision. Do they stay with Exchange 2003 or 2007, or move on to this new, improved iteration? On top of that, many enterprises are evaluating how they might take advantage of public cloud services, with e-mail often on the targeted applications list. Does it make sense to use a hosted Exchange service or should the e-mail servers remain within the corporate perimeter? In these articles, Computerworld and its sister publications CIO, InfoWorld and Network World explore the latest thinking on Microsoft Exchange Server, from the 2010 version to its place in the cloud.”

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