Microsoft Furthers E-Mail Protection Efforts

REDMOND, Wash. — April 18, 2006 — Leading into its participation in this week’s second annual Email Authentication Summit in Chicago, Microsoft Corp. today announced strong momentum in its ongoing work with other technology industry leaders to help promote safety and user trust in the e-mail ecosystem. As part of its continued commitment to industry collaboration, Microsoft is joining more than 36 companies and industry and business organizations to help plan and underwrite this year’s summit in an effort to further build online trust and confidence through effective technologies and prescriptive guidance. Today’s announcement from Microsoft included new details on the rapidly increasing adoption of the Sender ID framework for e-mail authentication, as well as the launch of an enhanced MSN® Postmaster Services program, an updated set of services to help e-mail senders and Internet service providers (ISPs) better manage their outbound e-mail infrastructure.

During the summit on April 19, companies and marketers will learn more about the business value of e-mail authentication technologies, such as Sender ID, a leading authentication protocol created through industry collaboration and supported by Microsoft. Sender ID works by verifying the domain name from which e-mail is sent by checking the Internet Protocol (IP) address of the server that sent the message against a published list of legitimate IP addresses for the domain the message claims to be from.

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