Microsoft iSCSI Software Initiator Version 2.02

Microsoft released an updated version of its iSCSI initiator. The Microsoft iSCSI Software Initiator package adds support to the Windows operating system for using iSCSI targets that support 1.0 of the iSCSI spec. This new version, v2.02 (build 1895) introduces the following fixes:

  1. Fix for persistent reservation Microsoft iSCSI DSM to handle an error for Microsoft Cluster Server scenario where one cluster node physically crashes
  2. Improvement in session recovery to better handle race conditions and avoid bugcheck triggered by advanced cable pull testing
  3. Fix for memory leak in iSCSI wmi provider
  4. Fix for send target command
  5. Fix to report authorization type correctly in WMI for iSCSI HBAs
  6. Fix to QLoginTarget iscsicli command to login as a data login and not as an informational login
  7. Fix for session recovery to release lock that could occur in session recovery code path

Marc Grote has a very interesting article about using Exchange Server 2003 with iSCSI: Implementing iSCSI for Exchange Server 2003. I have one of mine coming up soon.

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