Microsoft Live Meeting: Path to successful Web Seminars & Conferences

I never talked about Microsoft Live Meeting Hosting. I did not want to make this blog section just on Exchange Hosting as it revolves around many other hosting services such as Live Meeting, Web Conferencing, etc. Microsoft Live Meeting offers real-time interactive web conferencing solutions which lets you connect multiple people in many locations using merely an internet connection and with a web browser. This is available now in the market as a hosted solution. Subscription models vary according to the service providers. In general, this could be either low pay-per-use or flat pricing with a monthly subscription.

What are the features you can expect from Service providers? The below chart will give you some ideas.

Service Fees

  • Setup Fees
  • Monthly subscription
Value additions

  • Addition of user accounts
  • Allow more conferences per month
  • Allowance of conference room participants

  • Document viewer
  • PowerPoint viewer
  • Content sharing and creation
  • Application & Desktop Sharing
  • Remote control & takeover
  • Remote assistance
  • Frame Sharing
  • Whiteboard
  • Text Slide
  • Web Slide
  • Snapshot
  • Audio integration
  • Polls
  • Internet Audio Broadcast
  • Annotations
  • Moderating with question manager
  • Seating chart
  • Mood indicator
  • Ongoing Meetings
  • Lice Meeting Manager
  • Meeting Loby
  • Meeting Recordings
  • Chat
  • Native Language Support
Technical Support

  • Standard Live Meeting Support

There is a good guide on the Microsoft site about “How to buy Microsoft Office Live Meeting” which gives in depth information including Licensing and partners.

Live Meeting was originally created by a company called PlaceWare. Microsoft then acquired PlaceWare in order to revamp NetMeeting, its own web conferencing technology.

Who are the competitors to Microsoft Live Meeting? Below are some of them:

  • GoToMeeting is a Strong competitor with lots of user-friendly functions and features.
  • WebEx is another one, but can only be used on Windows platform
  • NetViewer also has wide range of features.

In Summary, using MS Live Meeting you can:

  1. Host collaborative Meetings in real time, quickly and cost effectively
  2. Train your staff and partners
  3. Engage your audience with rich media and video conferencing
  4. Reliable and more secure service.

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