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Microsoft Lync is a connected user experience transforming every communication into an interaction that is more collaborative, engaging, and accessible anytime and from anywhere.

Thanks to the GSX Robot User, we provide the only agentless solution designed to streamline communication by delivering the critical information IT administrators need to manage Lync proactively and avoid any outage on the system.
Because your users need to work effectively, the GSX Robot user acts as your go-to resource simulating the day to day activities with Lync authentication, audio call, video call, chat with colleagues and more.
With this performance and availability information in hand, now, you can:

  • Optimize system performance,
  • Reduce costs and
  • Improve organization productivity keeping your unified communications platforms up and running anywhere… anytime…

Take a look at the GSX video to see GSX Monitor & Analyzer in action.


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Webinar: Keep Lync under control with smart performance monitoring

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