New Microsoft Managed Desktop handles Windows 10 admin chores

Microsoft just announced a new digital offering called Microsoft Managed Desktop (MMD). It is meant to combine the benefits of Microsoft 365 Enterprise with Device as a Service and cloud-based management. Basically, it lets customers focus their IT on other aspects of running their businesses while allowing Microsoft to manage the modern desktops.

MMD is currently available to a small group of customers in the United States and the U.K., with more areas slated to become available throughout 2019. If you’re interested in learning more about this new offering, read on.

Works with Microsoft 365 on modern devices

MMD uses the power of Microsoft 365 to provide a great user experience while keeping devices up to date and secure. But it also runs in a consistent, lightweight, reference architecture that evolves continuously as customers take advantage of the different features and capabilities. So essentially, it is built specifically for modern devices that meet Microsoft’s bar for specification and runtime quality. Then the offering can evolve over time and continue to protect from nascent threats using the company’s intelligent security capabilities.

Analytics features of Microsoft Managed Desktop

Beyond the modern device features, customers are probably going to appreciate MMD because of its analytics offerings. The tool uses analytics to provide insights into security and operations. It constantly monitors data to improve functionality and manage the global MMD device population. For example, it can use analytical data and AI help to determine which devices might be ready for feature updates or if there are any apps blocking update capabilities.

Microsoft’s goal with Microsoft Managed Desktop is to help organizations stay secure and up to date without IT departments constantly bogged down with managing those issues. As availability expands, you’ll be able to take advantage of the offering by working with Microsoft partners. So contact your account manager if you’re interested in making use of MMD for your organization.

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