Microsoft gets real about mixed reality with new products and new vision

Microsoft recently announced a new vision for mixed reality. This vision has already led to some new product innovations, and some that have yet to be released. The most notable may be a new headset created with Samsung. Here’s more information from Microsoft about the new Samsung device and some other innovations that go along with the company’s broader vision for mixed reality.

Samsung HDM Odyssey

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The latest addition to the family of Windows mixed reality headsets is called the Samsung HDM Odyssey. It’s a high-performance headset that integrates virtual reality and other technologies to create a unique experience. It also features dual AMOLED displays, built-in spatial AKG headphones, inside-out tracking, a built-in microphone, and responsive motion controllers.

Windows Mixed Reality

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Microsoft also recently announced that more than 20,000 apps are now available in the Microsoft Store and Windows Mixed Reality. These include popular VR games and other immersive experiences.

AltSpaceVR and Microsoft

Additionally, the company welcomed members of the AltspaceVR team to Microsoft. AltspaceVR has been one of the pioneers in immersive communications creating technology that allows users to attend meetups and large-scale events using virtual reality.

Windows Mixed Reality Headsets

Windows Mixed Reality headsets that are slated for release by the holiday season are now available for preorder. You can order from the Microsoft Store or the company’s website.

Mixed Reality on Windows PC

The Windows 10 Fall Creators Update also includes features geared toward mixed reality on Windows PCs. It’s the first spatial operating system from Microsoft that lets PC users interact with mixed reality content. And it comes complete with a library of content aimed at inspiring you with these capabilities. You can download the Windows 10 Fall Creators update now or get it with the purchase of any new Windows 10 PC to take advantage of these mixed reality capabilities.

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