Microsoft Operations Manager user? Monitor VMware vSphere for free

I’m a big user of Microsoft’s System Center product line having deployed Configuration Manager, Data Protection Manager and Operations Manager in my environment. The one area we’ve not been doing centralized monitoring via Operations Manager is for our VMware environment. We’ve been looking at different solutions to do it.

That’s why I’m amazed that I missed the announcement a while back that Quest was now making their QMX VMware extension free via vCenter. Free is a really good price! For those that already have a significant Operations Manager investment – in both time and money – this is a good first option to explore to determine whether or not it will meet monitoring needs. I know this offer was announced a while back, but, if you missed it, it’s worth a look.

I intend to test this product in my environment shortly, but I’d love to her about some of your experiences, if you’ve gone this road. Are any of you out there using the QMX VMware extension and Operations Manager to monitor your vCenter-based environment?

Once I implement and test QMX/VMware, I will report back on my own experiences.

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