Microsoft Partners are walking hand in hand at ‘Mini WPC’ #DPK2014

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describe the imageI arrived in Mannheim for the first time to attend the Microsoft partner’s event in Germany this week, DPK 2014.

For the second year in a row we shared our booth with our Alliance Partners, Gwava. Since last year we have attended many events together, like presentations at Microsoft itself. We therefore did not see ourselves attending this year without them, also to share the fun!

This is the main partner conference in Germany where there were more than 1600 attendees. The themes that are presented are very wide. They start with the Key notes that give the overview of what is happening at Microsoft in general and more precisely their strategy in Germany. They was an important focus on Microsoft today’s most popular product which is Microsoft Lync. Indeed its growth and popularity has strongly increased due to a rapid acceptance of the business lines and rising number of remote worker, and Germany is not an exception as Lync is more and more used. Therefore Business opportunities around Lync are strongly increasing and at GSX Solutions we want to be part of this energy to provide our Partner network new remote managed services to generate revenue. Latest release of GSX ensures Lync end-user satisfaction and drives adoption by constantly simulating users, alerting for performance and latency issues.
A large number of System Integrators and Managed Service Providers are using GSX Solutions’ remote monitoring applications to build portfolios of services which generate additional revenue around Microsoft Office 365, Exchange, Lync and SharePoint.
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describe the image

The Rosengarten Conference is an ideal location and a great venue to Network and also to host the Microsoft party. We were pleased to see that the GSX goodies made their way to the party too. We could see the live band wearing the GSX glasses that are probably noticeable by a lot of people now with their flashing lights!

This is obviously a must attend conference for all Microsoft partners!

It seems like the event is growing every year. I am excited to see you all there next year!

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