Microsoft RDP for Web Browsers

Looks like the guys from the Microsoft RDS/RemoteFX team are up to some new remoting protocol goodness.  According to a recent patent filed, Microsoft is looking at releasing a “web-browser based desktop and remoting solution”. This is interesting as the patent states that a “…proxy server establishes a HTTP session with the client and a remote presentation session with the client. The server generates graphics encoded with a remote presentation protocol and sends them to the proxy, which re-encodes them as video and sends them to the client for display in the web browser. The client captures user input at the web browser and sends it to the proxy, which encodes it with the remote presentation protocol and sends it to the server to be processed.” (emphasis added)

So this could be interesting.  I didn’t see a mention of HTML5 in this patent, so details are a little scarce.  I suspect the proxy mentioned here is one of the RDS roles and the the client is pure Javascript.  Time will tell as details emerge.

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