Microsoft Security Newsletter features From End to Edge and Beyond Security Talk Show

“…In May 2011 me and Tom Shinder started to work in a new project called From End to Edge and Beyond a Security Talk Show with Tom Shinder and Yuri Diogenes. In this post Tom explained why we went to this road rather than create different writing initiatives to the community. Writing security content is part of our core job and we wanted to bring something more to the community. Currently we have six episodes recorded, a great feedback from the audience and today I’m very happy to say that our show is featured in the Microsoft Security Newsletter – August 2011 Edition, you can find it on the Security Events and Training section as shown below:


If you do not receive the newsletter by e-mail, access the Security Newsletter web edition here. I would like to use this opportunity to also thank Tim Rains and Heather Poulsen for supporting this initiative, I truly appreciate.

Now if you are wondering how can you keep up with our show, here are our main channels:

Stay tuned because great episodes are on the way for the next two months!…”

For more information, check out Yuri Diogenes blog over at:



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