New features help Microsoft beef up security and productivity

If you’ve spent any time in the gym, as I have, you’ve probably been around the mantra of bigger, faster, better, and stronger (or some combination of these things). Microsoft is going with productivity and security gains as in a blog post, it announced a number of new security updates and new products, as well as how artificial intelligence is being applied to its products for enterprise use.

According to the post, Office 365 is infused with new capabilities thanks to AI such as Tap for Word and Outlook which helps users easily reuse existing content from inside the organization by mining the Microsoft Graph and surfacing the most relevant data in the moment a user is creating a document or email.

Microsoft is also adding AI that will help its sales team better engage with customers. Soon to be introduced, Relationship Assistant in Dynamics 365 will leverage the AI capabilities of the Cortana Intelligence Suite to bring together multiple pieces of customer data from across the network, thereby providing an at-a-glance portfolio of relevant information for the sales representative.

More secure

Aside from using AI, Microsoft also introduced new security features for the enterprise called the Windows Defender Application Guard and the Office 365 Threat Intelligence.

The Windows Defender Application feature for Microsoft Edge insulates Windows 10 from attacks directed at the browser as well as preventing attacks from spreading in the network. This new features allows IT Pros to investigate and respond to threats across Windows 10 and Office 365 faster and more efficiently.

As for Office 365 Threat Intelligence, this feature will help customers protect their networks, intercept threats, and respond to security incidents. Microsoft has also made its Azure Information Protection available to help customers better classify, label and protect their sensitive data.

To top it all off, Microsoft built an entirely new platform called the Secure Productive Enterprise (SPE) which it described as the most advanced, cloud-powered enterprise software that covers Windows 10, Office 365 and Microsoft Mobility + Security. The platform offers uncompromising productivity, collaboration, mobility, business insights and a secure experience. This new platform is available now.

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