Microsoft Server App-V First Look

With the release of Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2012, comes a new technology called Server App-V. Server App-V is a technology that enables the virtualization of server applications, removing the dependency of a server application in a specific Windows Server instance (whether that instance is running in a virtual machine on directly on hardware). Augusto Alvarez has written a detailed article highlighting some of the features of Server App-V including:

  • In the sequencing process of an application, Server App-V also detects and includes in the package, several additional components that Desktop App-V does not. The Local Users and Groups that the application might create, IIS applications, COM+ and DCOM components, WMI providers, performance counters and all other components Desktop App-V detects and includes within the package.
  • Server App-V appears as a “Private Cloud” concept in the way to offer “Software as a Service” (SaaS) and/or “Platform as a Service” (PaaS). This is the ability to deploy software or a platform without requiring installing it.
    Even though we usually use the concept of “application” in the same way as “software”, the term “SaaS” in Server App-V does not represent the entire scope of the platform. Server App-V includes the possibility to provide “as a Service” platforms like database engines or in the near future Exchange or SharePoint.
  • One of the main goals of Server App-V is to have a predictable and repeatable way to deploy server applications.
    Some of the common problems we usually find in organizations are that moving platforms from testing or pre-production to production is never an easy ride – often several inconsistencies might be found.

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