Free eBook: Configuring Microsoft SharePoint Hybrid Capabilities

If you are planning to move your on-premises SharePoint to the Office 365 or enable the hybrid scenario, this book is an excellent opportunity to understand the integration process. Microsoft released a free eBook for download and at this time the PDF version is available and down the road we will have epub and kinder format as well.

Writers Jeremy Taylor, Neil Hodgkinson, and Manas Biswas have documented the hybrid capabilities that allow IT administrators to tap into innovation being presented by Microsoft Office 365. With new refinements, SharePoint online in the Cloud and SharePoint on-premise solutions are able to be configured in such a way for a seamless experiences, allowing you to publish business applications on your desktop, using your mobile for easier ways to work, and to collaborate with ease. Features such as hybrid search improve the user experience and make content elsewhere, such as Office Graph powered applications like Delve.

Using Hybrid OneDrive gives businesses a leg up in the Office 365 experience and ensures a smooth gradual transition into SharePoint online, which will afford IT administrators the ability to leverage the capabilities of Office 365 while not being completely online. The free eBook which recently came out will show SharePoint Server and Office 365 hybrid workloads and user experiences in one place and provides guidance to meet business needs and achieve productivity goals in a cloud-friendly workplace.

To download a regular PDF, click here. To download a mobile PDF, click here.

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