Microsoft SQL Operations Studio now available in preview

The new Microsoft SQL Operations Studio is now available in preview. You can use the tool, which is free and available for download on Microsoft’s website now, to manage database development and operations for SQL Server on Windows, Linux, and Docker, as well as Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Data Warehouse on Windows, Mac or Linux machines.

Features of Microsoft SQL Operations Studio

Microsoft SQL Operations Studio

Basically, Microsoft SQL Operations Studio is meant for developers and nonprofessional database administrators who need a simple way to manage their databases without having to spend tons of time learning the intricacies of their database environments. So it takes a prescriptive approach to helping users perform routine tasks, aiming to help them get those things done quickly while still learning as they go.

More specifically, users can leverage command line tools like Bash, PowerShell, sqlcmd, bcp, and ssh right within the user interface. You can also generate and execute CREATE and INSERT scripts for objects in the database and make copies of your database. The tool also includes productivity features including smart T-SQL code snippets and rich graphical experiences to help you easily create new databases and objects like tables, views, stored procedures, users, logins, and roles. You can also create rich customizable dashboards to monitor and detect issues like performance bottlenecks in your databases either on-premises or in Azure.

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How to use SQL Operations Studio

You can download SQL Operations Studio for free from Microsoft now. Then, you can connect it to Microsoft SQL Server and use it to perform routine database operations in a way that’s straightforward and easy to understand. If you use SQL Operations Studio, you can contribute to the Github repo to share your thoughts and help the Microsoft team make adjustments and improvements for the future.

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