How to Fix the “We Ran Into a Problem” Error That Plagues Microsoft Teams

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Have you ever logged on to Microsoft Teams, all ready to start a meeting, but Teams hits you with the “We Ran Into a Problem” error? Unfortunately, this issue is relatively common, but it’s ambiguous and poorly documented

When you receive this error, you can’t continue using Teams until you resolve the underlying cause. In this article, I’ll show you some ways to help you resolve this error. First, let’s go over why this error pops up in the first place.

We Ran Into a Problem: Why Does It Happen?

It’s difficult to pinpoint what causes the “We Ran Into a Problem.” Microsoft also doesn’t have proper documentation for this particular error, but I’ve found some potential reasons. 

Some people encounter this error message when clicking a link for a meeting invite sent via email. After clicking the link to join the meeting, Microsoft Teams opens and takes about a minute trying to connect. At that point, Teams displays the error message. When you dismiss the error message, Teams closes.

A delay between the Microsoft server and the end-user is likely the culprit. It’ll cause a timeout, and this error message pops up. The issue may also be related to firewalls, apache timeout settings, and infrastructural latency

No matter what the route issue is, I’ll show you a few things you can try to remedy the situation. 

Screenshot of an error message stating 'We ran into a problem'.
We ran into a problem? What is it?

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6 Possible Solutions

Microsoft hasn’t released an official fix for the “We Ran Into a Problem” error, but many users are finding several workarounds. I’ve also compiled a list of 6 possible solutions for the issue, with each one tackling a different underlying cause. 

1. Reboot Your Computer

Rebooting your computer and seeing if the error goes away sounds cliché, but many message board posts claim this corrects the error. Though in some cases, rebooting doesn’t fix the problem. 

If a resource over-allocation timeout is the culprit, a computer reboot may solve the issue. Try this with skepticism, so you can rule out the issue with background tasks hogging network resources.

2. Update Microsoft Teams

When I encountered the “We Ran Into a Problem” error in my own environment, I managed to solve the problem with a Microsoft Teams update

Teams has its own built-in update mechanism. This update method is different from the one that Microsoft uses to automatically update the Microsoft 365 apps. Follow these 5 steps to update Teams:

1. Open Microsoft Teams.

2. Click the ellipsis button to show more options then choose the Check For Updates option as shown in the image below.

3. Continue working while Microsoft Teams checks for and installs updates in the background.

4. Click the link to refresh Teams from the Teams has been updated popup message.

5. Update Windows when you finish updating Teams.

Screenshot of Microsoft teams window with the options menu displayed. This menu has a check for updates option.
Microsoft Teams includes an option to check for updates.

3. Sign Out of Microsoft Teams

Try signing out of Microsoft Teams and then signing back in to solve the issue. Some say this will temporarily correct the situation, but the error may return after a day or two. 

This step may also help if you have a stalled Teams background process that you need to terminate. If you can’t figure out what causes Teams to stall, this can only be a short-term fix

4. Check for Conflicting Software

Few reports stated that conflicting software on the system caused the error. If you’re running any additional communication applications alongside Teams, try disabling them temporarily to see if this solves the problem. 

While looking for a solution, I found at least one report of outdated security software causing a problem with Teams. This could stall a task or cause timeout. Keep your apps updated to avoid this problem.

5. Remove Teams Cached Credentials

You can also try to remove the cached credentials that Teams is using. Follow these 6 steps to clear the Microsoft Teams cache:

1. Log out of Teams and close the Teams application.

2. Open the Windows Control Panel and click User Accounts, followed by Credential Manager.

3. Click the Windows Credentials button to see cached credentials for installed applications

4. Check the list for Microsoft Teams credentials. They don’t always exist, but if you find an entry related to Teams, delete it.

5. Delete your Teams cache from Windows but make sure to back it up first, just in case. The profile is stored at %appdata%\Roaming\Microsoft\Teams.

6. Reboot the computer, start Teams, and log in.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, I can’t guarantee these techniques will solve the error in all scenarios. Still, these steps have worked for many users like me, so you can definitely try them. It’s up to Microsoft to provide a permanent solution to fix this problem.

Have more questions about Microsoft Teams errors? Check out the FAQs and Resources sections below!

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Will completely removing and reinstalling Microsoft 365 on the device fix the “We Ran Into a Problem” error?

Removing and reinstalling Office may correct the problem. Some people succeeded to fix the problem using this method, while others didn’t. You can try the steps I provided in this guide because they cover many potential underlying causes.

Is “We Ran Into a Problem” the same as the “We Encountered a Problem Reconnecting” Error?

Microsoft has released a fix for the “We Encountered a Problem Reconnecting” error. This error instructs the user to try again in a few minutes, and it seems to be a separate issue. As of yet, we’re still waiting for a solution concerning the “We Ran Into a Problem” error, but many have already found some handy workarounds.

What is the underlying cause of the “We Ran Into a Problem” error?

Microsoft hasn’t given an official explanation,  but it could be due to a delay between Microsoft servers and the end-user. This error also happens because of firewalls and infrastructure latency. Lastly, poor resource allocation in the system can lead to this error. While waiting for Microsoft to release an official fix, you can try if any of the suggestions above come in handy.

Can I clear the cache from inside of Teams rather than using File Explorer?

No, you can only clear the Teams cache through File Explorer. To clear Microsoft Teams cache, go to the Windows Control Panel and click User Accounts. After that, go to Credential Manager, click on Windows Credentials, and delete any entry related to Teams. Make sure you also create a backup of your Teams cache before you delete it! 

Why should I back up the Teams cache before deleting it?

Microsoft periodically makes changes to Teams. While clearing the cache is reasonably safe today, nothing can guarantee this will always be the case. Having a backup gives you a way of reverting to a known state in the event that something unexpected happens.


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