Microsoft TechEd 2011: Virtualizing Microsoft SharePoint Server with Hyper-V

Virtualization began as a way to consolidate a bunch of servers to less hardware but it was relegated to minor application servers.  Over the years, however, virtualization has become, for many, the standard operating platform on which all organizational services run.  Many places are now running what used to be considered physical-only services in virtual environments and are having great success doing it.

For some, Microsoft’s Tier 1 applications, such as SharePoint, have been off-limits to the virtualized environment because of Microsoft’s strict support policies or simply because of a fear of “downgrading” the environment and negatively affecting the user experience.

At TechEd 2011. Microsoft made it clear that the company is truly committed to the world of virtualization and presented a number of sessions with important recommendations for ensuring success for the virtualized workload.

In one session, entitled Virtualizing Microsoft SharePoint Server with Hyper-V, the presenter extolled the virtues of running SharePoint inside a Hyper-V-based virtual machine (as you might expect at a Microsoft conference) but, more importantly, he provides some specific guidance to help you build a more robust virtualized SharePoint environment.

So, go watch the video, download the slides and spend a few minutes of your time on this important topic.

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