Microsoft US National Security Team Publishes Brilliant Set of White Papers

The Microsoft US National Security Team is composed of strategic security advisors who work with Microsoft customers, partners, MS internal constituencies and the information security industry to promote the adoption of security processes and technologies. The National Security Team also focuses on driving vertical security solutions for a wide range of industries. To this end, the NST has produced a number of white papers that address the specific security needs of particular industries, such as the professional services and financial services industries.

I took a couple of days to go through each of these white papers, and they provide a clarity of thought and actionable guidance for CxO level readers that surpasses just about anything I’ve ever encountered on the Web site. I also found that these papers are extremely helpful to the Microsoft IT decision maker. Just the sections on MS security technologies and the operational difficulties with outsourcing made the time dedicated to reading these papers a worthwhile investment.

To download these papers, check out:



Thomas W Shinder, M.D.

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