Microsoft vs. Apple gets catty

Brands battling brands is nothing new, and Microsoft has long been looking for revenge against Apple ever since the taunting it took from the iconic “Get a Mac” campaign that first aired 10 years ago. In the latest salvo between the two tech giants, Microsoft launched a series of ads directed at Apple’s MacBook and iPad Pro, comparing them (unfavorably, of course)  to the Surface Pro 4.

One of the ads uses Siri to make fun of Apple. Cortana, Microsoft’s own digital assistant, is in conversation with Siri. Siri states that she is now a computer because she has a keyboard, but Cortana points out that adding a keyboard doesn’t make a tablet a computer. Cortana also points out all the differences between the Surface Pro 4 and the iPad Pro, and what makes the Surface Pro much better than the other device.

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The second ad pits the Surface Pro 4 against the MacBook. The gist of the ad is Macs are slow and less useful, like a “hat for your cat,” compared to the awesomeness of the Surface Pro. Microsoft highlights how the Pro 4 is lighter, faster, and its pen is more intuitive compared to what Apple offers. Some might find the ad entertaining because the straw-hat-wearing guy was singing the comparisons, but it may come across as a bit tacky, especially with how a hat-wearing cat (poor cat!) was injected to the ad.

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But where is this recent animosity coming from? Well, it seems Apple started it all back up again.

Earlier in August, Apple released its own ad, “What’s a computer?” a clear jab at Microsoft. The ad suggests that the iPad Pro is like a computer and even better than a computer.

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MS wins on enterprise

Let’s be honest, each of these devices has its own pros and cons. However, as many IT pros will note, having a fleet of manageable, practical Windows 10 Surface devices is a huge advantage and, all things being equal, the Surface has an enterprise edge. As covered here at TechGenix, Microsoft recently announced a huge campaign banking on this advantage in its move toward creating a program where Surface units can be leased through its partner network. This change makes for a big reduction in the capital expenditure of getting fully featured professional tablets in the hands of employees.

Nonetheless, if consumers are convinced that one device is better than the other, no ad will change their mind to switch to another device or brand. But we know where the enterprise is at.

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