Microsoft Data Access Component Checker

ODBC and OLE can be a nightmare. Exactly what version of driver (and there are
lots of components to MDAC) is installed? Is there some file missing or at
different levels? Microsoft has released the MDAC Component
Checker tool
which is designed to help you determine what version is
installed and to diagnose installation issues with the Microsoft Data Access
Components. Component Checker runs under Win9x, NT 4.0
and W2K and

  • Identifies the current MDAC installation on a computer.
  • Creates reports about the files identified for the current MDAC installation
    including registry details.
  • Removes the current MDAC installation (if you chose) after listing .dll
    conflicts and identifying programs that reference a given .dll.
Component Checker takes a snapshot and you can use it to
check for changes since the snapshot. You can also check for differences against
a specific version of MDAC.

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