Migrating and Co-Existence between Messaging Systems

Most of the time, migrating environments means learning how to find a balance between your messaging platforms. IBM and Microsoft provide tools to reduce the impact of using both systems, however this is not enough to proactively manage both environments.

The inspiration for this article is based on some interesting discussions I found on migrating from Domino to Exchange and from Exchange to Domino:

The main goal here is to have the capability to monitor, test, report, diagnose problems and conduct capacity planning on all of your environments during the migration…At the same time. This helps you ease the process from the beginning all the way to when you have fully moved onto the new platform.

Ideally, you would want to have some of the following features on one simple dashboard:

  • Performance of the system, network and specific components of each environment
  • Mail routing, Mailbox reports, Mail queues, information on mail flows, reporting and forecasting tools on across all environments, etc…

With a simplified dashboard, you can see all of your environments easily and be more organized. This will allow you to remotely manage, support and maintain all kinds of services (health checks, optimization, etc.) on both environments.

The progression of a migration will also be much easier to track with a better view on the shift of loads from the old server to the new one. This will allow you to adjust the timing of the migration and finish on-time.

Interested in tools that can help you with a migration and merging platforms? Click here for more information.

Have you had experience dealing with two different platforms at once? Did you find that the existing tools for co-existence did not live up to your expectations? Tell us about it!


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