Mind the online maintenance window!

The online maintenance  is a crucial Exchange process that organize the databases, recover unused space and perform other housekeeping tasks. By default, Exchange Server runs maintenance tasks daily from 1:00 A.M. to 5:00 A.M.  It is important not to let any other activity overlap in time with the regular online maintenance, such as backups.

The event 703 should occur, at least, every 2 days for each mailbox database:
Event Type: Information
Event Source: ESE
Event Category: Online Defragmentation
Event ID: 703

To use the Exchange Management Shell to set the maintenance schedule for a database, use one of the following cmdlets:

  • set-MailboxDatabase –Identity 'DatabaseIdentity' –MaintenanceSchedule Schedule
  • set-PublicFolderDatabase –Identity 'DatabaseIdentity' –MaintenanceSchedule Schedule

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