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As of yesterday, we completed the Cisoc ACI book sprint…and what a whirlwind it was! I talked about it briefly here and here. One of my coworkers asked me how I felt about the week and the first word that came to mind was “accomplished.” If I hadn’t been so tired, the first word probably would have been “exhausted,” but none the less it was a good feeling. As a group of around 15 people, with 3 moderators, came up with a whole entire book. I’m talking around 80,000 words, close to 400 pages. 

It’s not all about just getting words on a page either. The last couple of days were spent cutitng out fluff and redundancies, which I took great pleasure in doing honestly…even of my own stuff! We knocked out about 60-80 pages worth of things that were unnecessary because we already had it in the book, or because the config guides online already covered it really well. 

We cover some implementation activities, but the book really concentrates on what to do with ACI once you have it set up. We go through the fabric and explain some all of the concepts within the fabric as well as what to do with them. We cover monitoring both proactively and reactively. We even cover how to script pretty much everything you can do in the book. There will be a hard copy, but also an open source electronic copy which will continue to be updated.

As of Friday, around 3pm rolled around the last pieces were coming together. Some folks had left to pick up their flights, others of us were creating videos, and others were still putting the final touches in the book. I’m really proud of this book and I’m so impressed with all the people that contributed to it. Stay tuned, it should be available very soon and it is awesome!  

Thanks again to the good folks at Book Sprints

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