Mobile Malware: The games begin

We all knew it was bound to happen. As mobile devices make up more of the devices on our networks, it only makes sense that attackers would start targeting them more. A recent report from McAfee warned that 2011 could be expected to be a turning point for threats to mobile devices, with both corporate and user data facing serious risks:

In the wake of that warning, CNET just published an article about an Android Trojan that has been labeled one of the most sophisticated cell-phone based threats to date, displaying botnet qualities and collecting personal data that it sends to remote servers. 

Android market share continues to grow, and hit 25 percent in November. Don Reisinger predicted, in his 10 Tech Industry Predictions that will Shape 2011, that its success will continue in the coming year and it will outsell iOS, Windows Phone 7 and RIM Blackberry. 

With all those Android devices out there, many of them are going to be connecting to corporate networks, so security is a real concern. I’ve installed anti-virus software on my Samsung Galaxy Tab, but how many Android users are using their devices without any security software, in the mistaken belief that because it’s not a PC or because it’s not running Windows, protection isn’t necessary?

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