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Modulo Risk Manager Spotlights Governance, Compliance and Risk Management

Extensive new version utilizes 4000+ data collectors, 11,000 controls, and 250 knowledge bases

June 27, 2007-New York, NY- Modulo, a market leader in governance, risk management, and compliance software, announced today the availability of the latest version of Risk Manager. Modulo Risk Manager helps organizations streamline and automate processes required for in-depth risk assessment and compliance projects. An enhanced compliance module, expanded knowledge bases, and customized reports are just a few of the new features included in this latest release.

Modulo Risk Manager collects, centralizes, and generates reports relating to technology assets, such as software and equipment, as well as non-technology assets such as people, processes and physical facilities within an organization to assess risk and ensure compliance.Modulo Risk Manager can now communicate risk in several ways, integrating business and technical views and providing risk illustrations by asset, perimeter, business component, and threat as well as additional customizable options.

“We are dedicated to helping our customers effectively protect their assets while meeting regulatory compliance mandates,” said Alvaro Lima, director and co-founder of Modulo. “This enhanced version of Modulo Risk Manager assists organizations in meeting their risk assessment and compliance goals in the most efficient way possible.”

Modulo has further expanded Risk Manager to include 4,000 automatic data collectors, 11,000 controls, and 250 knowledge bases which incorporate SOX, PCI, HIPAA, ISO 17799 and 27001; COBIT, FISMA, NIST 800-53a, FIPS 199, A 130 , DOD 8500.2 and Shared Assessments compliance standards among many others. Users can now generate multiple compliance reports from the same set of data, eliminating “audit silos”, as well as generate a score and set of reports for any of the included compliance standards. Live updates, remote installation capabilities, and database integration are also included in the new version of Modulo Risk Manager.


Modulo is Latin America’s market leader for information security and risk assessment software and services. Founded in 1985 and employing 300 employees worldwide, Modulo Security recently expanded operations and partnership outreach to the United States, with its office headquarters in New York. Modulo’s Risk Manager Software provides organizations with the tools they need to automate the processes required for assessing and eliminating security vulnerabilities and attaining regulatory compliance. For more information on Modulo and Risk Manager, visit

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