Monitor your Azure VM from your mobile device by scanning a QR code

Here is a neat future to monitor your VM using the Azure app on your mobile device. It is recommended to have the Azure and Microsoft Authenticator apps installed on your mobile device (you can find them using either Google Play or Apple Store). Logged on the Azure Portal, click on the desired virtual machine, click on Share to mobile button. A new blade will be displayed, as depicted in the image below.

Monitor Azure VM

Honestly, before COVID-19, I have never used QR code, but nowadays, all the restaurants require it. Thanks to my wife, who taught me how to use the QR feature so I can use it in this blog post. Just open your camera and point to the QR code and wait for the popup to be displayed, then click on it.

Monitor Azure VM

The Azure App will open, and authentication may be required. After that, the given Azure VM details will be displayed in the app, letting you monitor what’s going on. Now, you can head to lunch and keep an eye on the performance of any given VM.

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