Monitor Database Transaction Logs

Excessive database and/or transaction log growth is, unfortunately, not an uncommon problem in Exchange deployments. On top of being hard to troubleshoot, if it is found too late, it can cause serious issues for users and even the business. As such, it is crucial to have an adequate monitoring solution. However, this is not the case in every single organization, so I decided to write a basic script to keep an eye on the number of logs being generated across databases.


You can, for example, run the script every hour and if any database currently has more logs than a specified threshold, it sends an alert by email with the number of transaction logs for all databases, highlighting the one(s) that triggered the alert, and the current free space for the database (you might need to update it depending on whether you have the .edb file and logs on the same or different locations).



The script simply counts all files in the LogFolderPath location as this makes it quicker than only looking for *.log files and still be accurate for what we want to achieve


To download the complete final script, please head on to the TechNet Script Gallery.


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