Moodle and Office 365 Guidance

This page provides guidance on how to use Moodle, an open source course management system for educators, with Office 365’s popular productivity tools and services.

New open source Moodle plugins enable powerful integration between Moodle and Office 365 as well as Azure Active Directory (for single sign-on). These plugins are available as free downloads from the Moodle plugin directory, and you can get the entire set of Office 365 and Azure Active Directory integrations by installing these two plugins:

Use the DOWNLOAD button to obtain documentation for how to install these plugins. Once installed, you will have these new capabilities in your Moodle installation:

  • Instructors and students with Office 365 accounts can sign on to Moodle with the same ID they use for Office 365.
  • Calendar entries created in Moodle (e.g., a scheduled class) are automatically copied to personal Exchange Online calendars for teachers and students.
  • Students can complete an assignment in OneNote, then submit their work to the instructor(s) via Moodle. Instructors can provide feedback via OneNote as well.
  • Office Mix content can easily be integrated into assignments, making it easier to embed interactive audio and video content in class assignments. Instructors can also create assignments in OneNote or embed content created in Microsoft Word.
  • Documents stored in OneDrive for Business can be associated automatically with Moodle courses, and updates to those docs appear automatically in links in Moodle.

You can find community supplied images that include Moodle from VM Depot on the MS Open Technologies website.

We’re interested in your feedback on these plugins. You can provide feedback and get answers to your questions about the plugins on the Moodle discussion forum.

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