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On a previous post I mentioned the interview with Paul Robichaux at TechNet Radio. After wandering around at the TechNet Radio site, I discovered some other previous shows about Exchange Server:

Hear why Nu Skin, a leading global direct-selling company, chose Microsoft Exchange Server

Reed Wilson, a Global Infrastructure Architect for Nu Skin, speaks with Chris Avis about how and why Nu Skin chose Exchange Server as a solution. He explains previous problems that they were experiencing before migrating to Exchange, what kind of testing they did in a lab environment to compare products and how successful the actual migration was. Plus we bring a listener on the air who gives us some feedback on the show and then we give him a chance to speak directly to Kimberly Tripp about database mirroring & replication.

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We Answer Your Exchange Server 2007 Questions

In this episode Kevin Remde speaks with Exchange experts to answer your pressing questions on Exchange Server 2007. Topics include Deployment, Unified Messaging, Disaster Avoidance & Recovery in Exchange Server 2007.

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Scripting with Windows PowerShell: An interview with Vivek Sharma & Mihai Jalobeanu

Kevin Remde interviews a Program Manager and Dev Lead from the Exchange team working on Windows Powershell, AKA Monad, a command line shell and task-based scripting technology. They explain how Powershell dramatically simplifies command line management and why Powershell provides a greater experience for the Administrator.

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